Charter Jets
The charter jet flights we arrange include flights to and from the United States of America or anywhere else in the world. We have access to private passenger aircraft in all categories, from turbo-prop airplanes, light jets, medium jets and heavy jets, as well as helicopters of all sizes.
charter a jet
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Charter Jets

FlightTime allows you to charter jets from all destinations around the world on the charter jets’ industry leading aircraft:


– Cessna Citation

Over the years, as charter jets clients’ transportation needs evolved, Cessna Citation has also evolved to meet rapidly. Cessna Citation’s Charter Jet product line has offered its clients the confidence of flying in aircraft that ensures financial stability, flexibility while upholding strong quality build and comfort.


– Beechcraft Hawker Series

Beechcraft designs and builds versatile and globally renowned Hawker series charter jets. Its highly trained and skilled staff are focused on continuously improving the company’s aircraft and services which have now become one of few market leaders in the charter jet industry.


– Gulfstream Series

Gulfstream has led the evolution of business aviation charter jets for many years and presently continues to do so. Gulfstream’s commitment to excellence and quality reflects very well to its charter jet customer’s reviews in the market. They have continued to offer unmatched charter jet product and support that enabled them to be market leader in the charter jet business aviation.


– Embraer Legacy Series

Embraer Legacy delivers the ultimate in flexibility in regard to on board comfort of in the charter jet industry. The Legacy series provide outstanding operational performance, leveraging its top of the notch performance capabilities.


– Bombardier Global Series

Bombardier, the currently world leader in the Charter Jet industry is the true market visionary. The Bombardier’s ultra-long range aircraft offerings are simply beautiful, luxurious, and staggeringly efficient.


– Dassault Falcon 2000s

Dassault Falcon is one of the most prominent aircraft manufacturer in the Charter Jet industry with their innovation and pursuit of perfection. This unique Charter Jet brand communicates strength, durability, and cutting edge technology.


– Boeing BBJ 1 & 2

Boeing is one of few companies in the Airliner Charter Jet industry that offer customers a wide range of products that can be customized to fit their needs. Boeing represents space, reliability and world wide support.


– Airbus ACJ

Airbus offers the most modern and comprehensive corporate jet family in the world, offering customers the greatest customization choice and spacious cabins allowing customers to select the comfort they want in the size that they need.