Company History
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Company History

History, formerly Flight Time Corporation, becomes The Global Aviation Network with the acquisition of Wyvern Ltd. and Mach-1.

Since 1985, has specialized in providing premium air charter to travelers worldwide.’s expert knowledge of global air transportation has made us the leading provider of air charter services worldwide.’s extensive presence with offices in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Bremen, and Milan puts us in a unique position to ensure that even the most complex travel missions, whether domestic or international, are a success.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, February 2, 2000
Flight Time Corporation, the global leader in air charter, today announced it will acquire Wyvern Ltd., an industry-leading safety and compliance auditing firm, and MACH-1 Software Corporation, a provider of aviation enterprise management software, and rename the company will leverage the well-known safety and superior technology components associated with Wyvern and MACH-1 with the company’s existing e-commerce site to create the first, audited global aviation network. also announced it has received substantial financial backing from Southeast Interactive Technology Funds (SEI) and BancBoston Ventures to fund the company’s rapid growth, extensive future technology investments and commitment toward the marketing and distribution of charter going forward.

“Until now, the charter industry has lacked a single one-stop resource to find and book aircraft from an aviation network, ” said Robert McBride, president of “With these acquisitions and new funds, will integrate global supply and distribution to create an “end-to-end” network built on a single platform, providing real-time access to a global fleet of audited aircraft residing on a single, intelligent system via the Internet.”

The acquisition of Wyvern Ltd. is one component of’s move to create a seamless and fully integrated solution for the aviation industry by using the company’s extensive expertise and objective information on the safety, quality and service of specific aircraft and operators on four continents. The comprehensive standards of performance provided by Wyvern cover areas of operations, auditing, management and administration, flight operations and maintenance. Wyvern Ltd. will operate independently of as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

“Wyvern reinforces’s commitment to providing a world-class aviation solution,” said Walter Lamon, III, president of Wyvern Ltd. “We intend to extend the network aggressively over the next eighteen months as part of our goal to create a fully audited network.”

“Incorporating Wyvern data into the business is an important step in our ability to offer global access to the most credible and reliable safety information in the aviation industry, ” said Jane McBride, founder and chief executive officer of Flight Time. “Our clients depend on operators cleared by Wyvern, which is synonymous with quality, safety and reliability.”

MACH-1’s advanced technology and design will provide the technological infrastructure for MACH-1 is the most advanced software product available to the general and business aviation market that integrates a variety of complex aviation software functions into a seamless system, increasing productivity, supporting extensive business and industry intelligence, and eliminating data-entry duplication. With the acquisition, has purchased the exclusive global aviation rights to use Visual Knowledge™, the proprietary development platform upon which MACH-1 is built. The unique design of’s web-based program will allow operators using the network to book aircraft from other operators participating in the system.

“MACH-1 software offers the technology necessary to integrate the highly complex business components involved with air charter and gives operators a spherical view of their business,” said Larry Tobin, president of MACH-1. “Our object-oriented technology will simplify data processing and provide the perfect platform for future growth and integration of new systems.”

“These acquisitions represent an industry first in bringing together a complete technology and marketing solution for business and commercial aviation,” Jane McBride said. “The advances Flight Time has achieved within the industry, along with the investments from SEI and BancBoston, allow us to further expand our global services to operators, suppliers and distributors.”

  • 1985 Establishment of Flight Time International in the US
  • 1992 Deluxe charter for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Flight Time establishes a 24 hour service
  • 1993 Local sales offices are opened in Minneapolis, Atlanta and Washington DC
  • 1993 Gold Star Award; Potentials in Marketing Magazine
  • 1993 Hospitality Industry Humanitarian Award
  • 1994 Flight Time Wins Best of America Award, Eastern Regional Devision. First Around the World Charter
  • 1994 Small Business of the Year Merit Award; Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • 1995 Spirit of Excellence Award; Carlson Marketing Group & Airline Supplier of the Year; BI Performance Company
  • 1996 Small Business of the Year Merit Award; Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • 1998 Office on the West Coast will be opened; London office opened
  • 1999 Gold Star Award – – Top 100 Innovative Incentive Travel Products; The Motivation Show Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist; Ernst and Young
  • 2000 State Winner – Blue Chip Enterprise Award; Mass Mutual
  • 2000 Number of employees rises to 130 worldwide Corporate Deluxe Shuttle A320 between Brussels and Cincinnati
  • 2000 Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards – Innovative Business Strategies and Original Product and Services.
  • 2001 Maritz Travel Company – Premier Partner
  • 2002 Orbit Aquire’s FlightTime’s assets,
  • 2004 FlightTime releases its booking engine on
  • 2008 FlightTime Open an office in San Rafael California
  • 2010 FlightTime finally releases it latest intelligent Booking Engine and Software on the Web
  • 2012 FlightTime Opens its Offices in France
  • 2014 FlightTime Opens its Offices in Germany
  • 2015 FlightTime to Open Office in Russia, Spain, And China