About Sport
Private flight by Flighttime private jet charter and jet charter flight services with security, safety and luxury on 4 hours notice without fractional ownership requirements.
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About Sport

What sets FlightTime above the rest when it comes to sports charter?

It’s providing you with the winning ticket.

Whether you are transporting your sports team or all their devoted fans FlightTime always has its eye on the ball.



  • A worldwide network of approved aircraft, including the largest dedicated sports fleet available in the U.S., to provide you with the widest variety of models and seating configurations, ranging from 19 seat turbo props to comfortable wide-body L1011s
  • Aircraft availability to meet the demanding flight schedules of sports teams and their fans
  • Teams or fans board aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and safety when available
  • 24/7/365 operational support including flight tracking, contingency planning and on site airport representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew when available


Large corporate travel departments and company flight operations that regularly depend on charter don’t necessarily have the resources to evaluate every charter operator, negotiate rates and obtain the high level of service and reliability required in today’s demanding business environment. FlightTime changes all that with the Charter Management Program that adds consistency and efficiency to your air charter purchasing.
Whether your company has a single location or is regionally based across the nation or around the world, FlightTime can consolidate your charter requirements in a much more cost-effective way. As your single source to call, we can offer a higher, more consistent level of service than you imagined possible. And, thanks to our extensive network of thousands of the world’s most safety conscious, reliable charter operators, we can handle all of your charter requirements anywhere across the globe. The result is amazing savings in time and cost thanks to the volume discounts and operational efficiency that you’ll gain.
FlightTime’s account management staff will work with you closely to develop customized company standards for obtaining charter. They will also organize a uniform billing system and help manage every aspect of your charter policy including developing guidelines as to who in the company can book charters, when charter makes sense and when other air travel alternatives are preferable.
Often a company’s air charter needs extend to 50 or 100 passenger seats or more. Charter management clients will therefore benefit from FlightTime’s considerable expertise in the airline as well as the executive aircraft charter market. To, learn more about a custom Charter Management Program designed specifically for your requirements, call us today. Our highly trained staff is always standing by and is dedicated to serving your every air travel need.